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Humidity is crafted in the stunning Margaret River region in Western Australia, where the “lifestyle and environment “are just a few of the secret ingredients to the brand. It’s not just the wine that’s famous here!

 We are a community minded brand, forget fast fashion, it’s just not sustainable. Real sustainability, is found in pieces you will want to keep and wear from one season to the next.  Quite simply,” fashion that fits and looks good on, makes you feel good”. By personalising every design and carefully sourcing fabric and yarns to suit various body shapes, designs, climates, seasons we create real fashion that fits comfortably, looks stunning and can be mixed and matched to suit your lifestyle.

 Humidity speciality stockists each have a unique style, and they resonate with us, because they can rely on our design, quality and fit each season. Key to our success is that we are both passionate about customer service. Humidity retailers spend hours hand selecting just the right pieces for their store, so, if you love personalised shopping (like I do), be sure to check out our beautiful stockists’ locations and tell them I sent you.

 Whether you are a store or an online customer, we take your orders seriously and the dispatch process is fast and accurate.  We refer to everyone by name and  my team work hard and go above and beyond. We want you to know we really care and if you need help with a style or want to offer some valuable feedback, then please drop us an email or use the online chat.

Lastly, in a world where sustainability is paramount, 90% of Humidity’s current production is now delivered in compostable bags. As Humidity product is designed to be loved for many years and across the ages, we ask you to recycle your pieces with family, friends or recycle boutiques wherever possible. Hey…why restrict all those Humidity compliments to one person when you can share the love!

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